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REANSON is a professional manufacturer and supplier of swimming fins with efficient production of commercial diving fins, strong planning ability and original design. We design and manufacture diving swimming fins with a high level of assistance.

REANSON offers wholesale and custom diving swimming fins manufacturing and ODM/OEM/OBM services. Our diving swimming fins have passed various standards and certifications.

Fins, for swimming and diving to provide strong forward momentum, the wide area of the flippers can provide strong power, without having to rely on paddling hands to generate power, so that hands can be freed to engage in other work.

Diving Fins Type

  • Adjustable diving fins

  • Full wrap-around foot fins: You can put your diving swim fins directly on your feet, no need to buy additional diving boots. The good thing is that they are light and cheap.

Features of diving and swimming fins

  • This diving swimming fin is very light and well balanced, with amazing reaction time and great thrust

  • The full-length side rails of the swim fins help guide water flow and improve thrust

  • Elastomer foot pocket improves comfort

  • The scuba swim fins have great durability and constant efficiency over time: even after intensive and prolonged use, the fins retains its strength and maintains its initial technical characteristics unaltered

Custom swim fins

  • Customize the size of swimming fins

  • Customized packaging

  • Custom colors

  • Customized logo

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Reanson is a professional freestyle swimming fins manufacturer and supplier, we provide professional diving & swimming fins for sale,have high quality and good service,welcome to contact us.

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