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Swimming Goggles

REANSON is a goggles manufacturer and supplier with high productive efficiency, strong planning capability and inspirational self-made design. Our self-made diving masks feature capabilities of anti-shattering, anti-scratch and anti-fog to achieve powerful safety protection.

REANSON provides wholesale and customized professional swim goggles manufacturing and ODM/OEM/OBM service. Our custom swim goggles are certified by Intertek, CE, EN1938, EN174 and BS5883.

Swimming goggles are a kind of equipment in the swimming sports. It is used for sealing the periperal areas around the eyes. It can let you see things underwater meanwhile preventing the water entering your eyes. It is an essential item for a lot of swimming enthusiasts and brings a lot of fun for swimming.

Swimming goggles buying guide

Swimming goggles materials:

Lens MaterialStrap MaterialNose Bridge MaterialClip Material
PC with revoSiliconePUPC

Professional swimming goggles use the materials that are harmless to the human bodies. It feels very soft, and is comfortable to wear.

Swim goggles types:

  • Classified by functions: competition swimming goggles, ordinary swimming goggles, myopic swimming goggles, presbyopic swimming goggles

  • Classified by wearers: children swimming goggles, adults swimming goggles (male and female swimming goggles)


Color, sizes are also different elements of professional swim goggles. If you want to customize a pair of swim goggle, please contact us.

The features of swimming goggles

  • High quality anti-fog coating and anti-glare layer

  • 100% UV protection

  • High quality silicone material to keep swimmers comfortable

REANSON is a professional manufacturer and supplier of professional swimming goggles. We provide customized service for children swimming goggles, adults swimming goggles and functional anti-fog swimming goggles. If you want to bulk buy professional swimming goggles or anti-fog swimming goggles, you can contact us to get wholesale price!

Professional swimming goggles for sale

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