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REANSON, a manufacturer and supplier of original optical equipment, has efficient ski goggles production, strong planning capabilities and original design. REANSON provides customized ski goggles manufacturing and ODM/OEM/OBM service.

Features of Reanson Ski Goggles

  • High Quality Material

    The ski goggles frame is made of Covestro (formerly Bayer, Germany) TPU. The material has excellent flexibility and is uneasy to deform or break, which allows you to knead it as you like. All of these features make sure that the ski goggles will not cause damage to your eyes if collision happens.

  • Using Zeiss lens

    Inner lens: The inner lens imported from Italy has been processed with a special long-time anti-fog treatment, which makes it not affected by temperature difference and can be used for a long period. It is a multi-functional anti-fog ski goggles.

    Outer lens: It has various functions such as anti-impact, anti-UV. The outer surface of the lens can be hardened, vacuum coated and other treatments. The hardened lens, as well as the vacuum-coated lens, is featured with impact resistance, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. Besides, the vacuum-coated lens has 100% UV protection.

  • Excellent Visual Effect

    The lens has a ventilation design to prevent from freezing and fogging. The hollow heat insulation layer is made of multi-layer cotton with good permeability. The material is soft, delicate, and can curves around your face comfortably. The good permeability helps the sweat on your face to dry off fast from the lens, ensuring that the ski goggles have a good field of view.

  • Adjustable in Length & Type

    The strap made of Swedish POLYGIENE antibacterial material is adjustable in length and suitable for all head shapes. We customize ski goggles for all women, men and children.

  • Ergonomic Design

    Reanson ski goggles apply the ergonomic design. They have wide field of view and is able to block strong wind, snow particles, fogging, sand, dust and various glare.

Buy and customize prescription ski goggles from Reanson, a professional manufacturer and supplier of original optical designs and equipment.

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