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REANSON is a diving mask manufacturer and supplier with high productive efficiency, strong planning capability and inspirational self-made design. Our self-made diving masks feature capabilities of anti-shattering, anti-scratch and anti-fog to achieve powerful safety protection.

REANSON provides wholesale and customized professional diving masks manufacturing and ODM/OEM/OBM service. If you want to buy or customize diving masks, do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, we also provide various types of diving masks such as children's diving masks, full face diving masks, junior diving masks, scuba diving masks, etc.

Diving mask, also called scuba mask, is a type of diving gear that allows scuba divers, free divers and snorkelers to clearly see the underwater world.

Types of Diving Masks (classified by use)

  • Scuba diving masks

    The scuba mask is usually bigger in volume to get you a larger field of view. The lenses in the mask usually include a single layer or double layers. The mask with double layered lens can play a role in expanding the field of view.

  • Free diving mask

    The basic requirements for a free diving mask compared to a normal scuba diving mask are a low internal cavity volume and smaller lenses with a waterdrop shape. The rubber skirt is soft to make you more comfortable. Normally a free diving mask can be used for scuba diving, but it is not recommended to do so.

  • Snorkeling mask

    The snorkel mask with a clear silicone skirt works the best, which does not block the light and reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed. The transparent skirt of the mask is also more suitable for junior divers that allows more light in and lets the beginners feel less claustrophobic.

Applications and Features of Swimming Diving Masks:

Diving masks are eyewears used to protect divers from choking and prevent their eyes from getting water irritated meanhwhile seeing clearly. The full face mask can protect the whole face and keep it warm.

  • Lens: Single-window and anti-collision tempered glass lens with UV protection layer and anti-fog coating, high-strength anti-compression and anti-water impact, maximum protection for your eyes.

  • Material: 100% liquid silicone resin, non-toxic, anti-corrosion by sea water, will not produce toxic substances to cause allergic skin.

  • Features: Fit to the face, soft and comfortable, 100% leak-proof.

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