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REANSON, a manufacturer and supplier of original optical equipment, has efficient riding sunglasses production, strong planning capabilities and original design. The prescription riding sunglasses that we design and manufacture have high-level safety protection performance, achieving the effect of anti-shattering, anti-UV and anti glare.

REANSON offers wholesale bicycle riding or motorcycle or horse riding prescription sunglasses manufacturing and ODM/OEM/OBM services. Our prescription riding sunglasses are certified by Intertek, CE, EN1938, EN174 and BS5883.

Riding sunglasses are a special kind of glasses for riders to wear. In addition to having the role common to sports glasses, they also have the role of blocking UV radiation. Depending on the needs, riding glasses have to choose different lens colors.

The function of riding sunglasses

  • UV protection: block or reduce the intensity of light reflection, indirectly reduce the incidence of accidents.

  • Wind and dust protection: whether you are riding horses, motorcycles or bicycles need to effectively avoid wind and dust damage to the eyes, so this time you need a pair of prescription riding sunglasses

  • Anti glare: Prescription riding sunglasses have colored plating on them to effectively prevent the threat of glare to riding safety

REANSON riding sunglasses features

  • We have riding sunglasses designed for different genders, womens riding sunglasses are fashionable, men riding sunglasses are cool;

  • Comfortable for long time wearing, fit helmet for bike riding、horse riding、motorcycle riding;

  • RX frame for prescription lens;

  • Wide temples for logo,can changeable with strap.

We can customize riding sunglasses for people of different genders such as men and women, and we can also provide riding sunglasses for different application scenarios such as motorcycle sunglasses, bicycle sunglasses, riding sunglasses, etc. Welcome to contact us for a wholesale price!

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