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REANSON, a manufacturer and supplier of original optical equipment, has efficient ski goggles production, strong planning capabilities and original design. The medical goggles that we design and manufacture have high-level safety protection performance, achieving the effect of anti-shattering, anti-UV, anti-scratch and anti-fog.

REANSON provides wholesale and customized medical protection goggles manufacturing and ODM/OEM/OBM service. Our medical goggles are certified by Intertek, CE, EN1938, EN174 and BS5883.

Medical goggles are also called medical isolation goggles. These goggles are closed on both sides, have good skin-fitness, and use a head rope to keep stability; the lens is strong and firm to improve safety for use; the rest are made of PVC and are relatively soft, which can better ensure sealing and safety while being skin-friendly.

Uses of medical protective goggles

  • Medical goggles are mainly used for medical staff to prevent splashing of various types of body fluids, blood or other liquids at work.

  • Protects users' eyes from chemical splashes and liquids.

  • Protects users' eyes from blunt impacts or high-velocity debris.

Features of medical protective goggles

  • Fits over Prescription Frames up to 140 mm

  • Reinforced side panels provide high-impact lateral protection

  • 99.9% UV protection, enhanced anti-fog function

Reanson, a professional designer and manufacturer of optical equipment, provides customized medical goggles for hundreds of businesses and organizations. We always sustain our strong product development capabilities and unique designs, and produce stylish, functional and safe medical goggles for people.

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