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Why You Need To Wear Ski Goggles

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There is no doubt that one of the most important accessories to enjoy your vacation to the fullest is good ski goggles. It is also true that a good pair of glasses is just as important as the right jacket or good pants.

Many of us just wear Ski goggles just because everyone else is wearing one, and not because we know the reason behind such action.  Any experienced skier or snowboarder will tell you that ski goggles are just as important as boots or the skis/board itself.

We will talk about the reasons for wearing ski goggles in this article.

Why do you have to wear goggles?

· Protection from UV rays

The primary reason all skiers should have good snow goggles is to protect their eyes from any external agent (UV, cold, snow, rain, and sunlight) and the sun's rays.

Ski goggles will protect you from ultraviolet radiation. We might be aware that this radiation is harmful to our health, but did you know that there are three different types?

First, are the well-known UVA rays, which are the least dangerous of all although they arrive in greater quantity. There are also UVB rays, which cause damage at a biological level and can cause serious damage to the cornea.

Finally, the most dangerous are UVC rays, although the atmosphere absorbs most of them, so they are not so worrying.

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· Protects the eyes from humidity and cold weather conditions

In the snow, you can wear classic sunglasses or a ski mask. Both options are suitable on sunny days.

However, if the day dawns cloudy, rainy, or snowing, it will always be more useful and advisable to use a ski mask. It is recommended to always use blizzard goggles since they are attached to the face and fully protect the eyes in any situation.

Protecting the eyes in the mountains is highly recommended; in the snow it is essential.

· For health reasons

When skiing, as in any outdoor sport and especially in snow sports, you are exposed to the sun and, therefore, to ultraviolet radiation.

This is why some eye injuries can appear if you do not have a good ski mask. For starters, photokeratitis, also known as snow blindness, can occur after overexposure to UV rays.

Another lesion that appears due to exposure, in this case of the retina, to UV rays is erythroplasia.  In addition, you must be aware that exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause cataracts, corneal changes, pinguecula, pterygium, uveal melanoma, skin aging, and solar retinitis.

Also, you have to know that snow can reflect up to 80% of ultraviolet radiation.   The good news is that UV damage can be minimized by good goggles or snow goggles.

Choose your Ski goggles from our collection

Knowing all this, you can now start choosing ski goggles. The goal of ski goggles is to protect us as much as possible from ultraviolet light, so this should be the most crucial factor when choosing.

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