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Medical Glasses vs Medical Googles

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Eyes are irreplaceable. And in the industrial or medical workplace, many different hazards can lead to short-term or long-term damage to a person’s eyes. Medical glasses or medical goggles are protective glasses that protect the eyes from damage.

The two major types of safety eyewear that employees will wear are safety medical goggles and safety glasses. The purpose of this page is to explain the distinctions between them and to provide some general information on protective eyewear.

Safety eyewear is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) made to shield or enclose the area around the eye, preventing particles, liquids, or chemicals from damaging the eye.

The major differences between Medical glasses and Medical Googles include the mechanical strength, lens sizes, and shape, optical clarity of the lens, protective properties, etc.

Medical Safety Glasses

Medical safety glasses are quite a simple protective type of eyewear. They are designed in different styles which means that everyone could make use of this eyewear.

With it, you can work and be protected perfectly against any hazard at work due to its various protective layer of coating attached to the lens.

Medical safety Googles

The two main differences that are most obvious are between medical glasses and goggles. Firstly, the medical goggles are held firmly to the eye using an elastic strap around the back of the head.

Secondly. the medical goggles are designed with a soft inner seal which could be foam or rubber to seal the gap between the lens and wearer.

medical goggles

The following are the key features that distinct Medical Glasses from Medical Google

1. The lens size

The lens size of the eyewear depends on if the lens is small or large because the difference in the sizes will be shown when worn on the protected area, if a large lens is used, it will protect the wearer more compared to the smaller size.

The medical glasses are designed with a small lens and it has a side arm style which makes them not suitable for protection of the eye because they could slip off the eye during work or you're tired of putting them on and off.

The medical goggles are designed with a large lens and an elastic strap around the back of the neck which is not designed with medical glasses, this strap around the back make it convenient to use and it covers all the protected area.

2. Ventilation

The medical Google is made of an inner seal which means the airflow will be limited which protects against splashing or airborne particles but some goggles are designed to have an open space or vents and these open vents allow airflow but block liquid splash because it's covered.

There is an easy flow of air for medical glasses which makes them not suitable to block liquid splash or airborne particles etc.

3. Properties of the lens

The lens property includes anti-misting, ventilation, coating, anti-scratch, Ultra-violent filters, etc. There are different ranges of lenses on Google which means the properties will be different but the lens on glasses is usually similar.

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