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Buyers' Guide To Choosing Riding Sunglasses

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It's just funny how cyclists do not consider cycling glasses to be part of the fundamental necessitates until they come in contact with insects.

These glasses are not for the sole purpose of making their user cool and gorgeous. Riding sunglasses helps to protect the delicate human eyes. It helps as a shield from the heavy torrent of the rain, it helps in blocking direct contact of the sun to the eyes.

This glass is highly efficient as it prevents particles from entering the eyes. Thus, the cycling glass accounts for a smooth ride as it enhances the rider's visibility.

It could be a herculean task in choosing the most suitable glass. The types of glasses stated below will aid your selection.

Below are some options to consider in getting your lens  

Black and grey lens

This type of lens helps in blocking the illumination. This does not alter the color seen. This type of lens help in contrasting the brightness of the day and gives a highlighting to obstacles during the process of cycling.

Clear Lenses

This is very efficient during overcast days. They are also good for evening rides and rainy drive. These lenses do not serve as a block to the light, they prevent any form of debris from attacking its user.

Orange or yellow lenses

This gives enhancement to the lighting condition and brightens anything obscure.

Photochromic lenses

This lens automatically adjusts to the lighting condition while riding. If you are cyclists that ride throughout the day, this lens is just for you. Though quite expensive, it gives you safety and removes worrying about the perfect type of lens. The lens lightens up when it gets dark and darkens up when the sun is high.

If you purely deal with contact lenses and powdered glass, below are a few things to consider.

Wraparound designs and wide lenses should be considered as it helps to keep away grit from the eyes and the lens. You can still be able to see when the weather condition changes as you can swap your glasses.

If you desire to stick with the conventional glasses other than contact lenses, the optician should be consulted and inserts will be added to the glass.

riding sunglasses

Choosing your sunglass

When choosing riding sunglasses the shape of the face should be a major determinant. The sunglass should be in contrasting shape with the face.

An individual of a squared face should purchase a circular glass while a person with a circular face type should purchase a glass square design. This provides a form of balance on the face and ensures perfection as an individual with a rounded face will look funny on a circular glass.

Choosing your frame type

In choosing frame designs, you should opt for frameless glass if you are all about the views of the environment. If you need extra protection for your lenses, then, you should consider the full frame lens.

The riders who are mostly found in traffic should go for the frameless while those that are mountain climbers should consider the full frame lens.

Choosing our lens

You do not need to invest in a whole set of changeable lenses if you only ride during a particular time of the day. A day rider must purchase the dark tinted lens which consists of UV protection.

The night rider should go for the clear lens which poses a scratch-resistant quality. In all, cyclists who ride both in day and night should purchase glasses with changeable lenses.

Do you desire to purchase a cycling sunglass?

I'm sure you adequately hinted at all the cons and pros involved in choosing a cycling glass.

So, in case you need riding sunglasses, kindly contact us today and get your most suitable option.


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